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All-in-One Bag: Created to provide each customer with everything they need for a hassle-free session, our premium pouch includes 2 airtight jars, a 2.5" aluminum grinder, & additional accessories for a complete odor-proof storage bag.

On-the-Go Organizer: Featuring a zippered compartment & dedicated sections for accessories, our storage bag lets you easily organize your tools so you can quickly pack & head outdoors.

Smell-Proof Design: Our smell-proof storage bag boasts a waterproof EVA material that traps unpleasant smells inside while keeping your storage fresh & flavorful. Stops moisture from seeping in to preserve the freshness of your supply.

Enhanced Security: With an exterior lock that keeps your valuables safe & protected, no other people access your personal supplies when you're not around.

High User Experience: Designed to stand the test of time, our storage bag is made with only the finest materials. Be ready for the ultimate convenience our storage bag has to offer!

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